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Pin lock is a device that protects your phone and your privacy. Protect your privacy and data with mobile apps. Why Apply PIN Lock for Phone Security App? Personal information is always protected. This app allows you to block apps like text messages. Facebook, WhatsApp and other messaging tools, contact list and phone gallery

Calls, incoming calls and other mobile applications are important to you. This prevents access to personal information and thus protects the security and privacy of personal information. General data protection protects children and adults; Don’t worry if your kids play with your phone, or if a friend or colleague borrows your phone for a while.

You cannot view other prohibited videos and photos in the camera feed, read important information in instant messages, change system settings, or purchase premium games or premium subscriptions. With a Type 2 key, there is no more unauthorized access to the device.

Image lock is easy and fast for everyday use while code lock is reliable and secure. Select and implement security measures for each mobile application. Password Recovery As in life, passwords can be lost or forgotten. awesome! If so, you can use this option to return the gun.

You can also recover lost passwords to protect your apps. So don’t worry. You can reset your password. Your password is easy to understand. We limit the number of attempts to open apps to protect apps and mobile devices. Don’t think about passwords

You cannot enter information without a PIN or pattern key. Our App may use the Usability Services program to protect data stored in the App or on the device from access by third parties. To do this, read the requirements carefully and make sure that your application uses this API. Use it with him

Our Accessibility Services API does not collect device or owner information when installing app blocking software. Install AppLock to lock apps and protect your mobile data and apps. Hide Image Hide video in the checkbox. Hidden photo calculator with hidden photo video vault app

Lock is a private and secure photo storage, while video storage adds security to your private gallery and protects your photos from locks and other items. View phone calculator lets you easily hide photos and videos in your public gallery for others to use.

Short and full videos are available with good security. Folders can be used to organize and manage photos easily. You can also hide some photos and videos. Show and hide now. These hidden photos and videos can be hidden from the edge of the map. Photos, videos, images and audio can be captured instantly

App-locked videos are hidden in Video Library storage. App Lock Style Choose an app lock style. or use template blocks. Protect your photos from others trying to access your social apps. It also supports fingerprint lock in privacy browser. Browse websites with a privacy browser

Use incognito mode to prevent others from accessing your browsing history. You can hide images and videos in the browser. The Backlock app icon mysteriously disappeared and was replaced by a hidden icon. Use the app to lock the counter without an icon on your phone. Video attack


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