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Photo lock app with hide and hide image This app allows you to hide video files and apps which can be viewed after entering numbers and images. Any music or files can be hidden in memory folder. Save your University profile, browse the web and download to your browser

Your photos and videos are saved in the app. Hide photos and videos on your phone with AppLock, a powerful app that lets you lock apps and social media through an easy-to-use interface.

Scroll through photos and slideshows using the Gallery app or shared folders. Send hidden photos, videos and documents to cloud Support built-in video player.

Create a separate storage with a password to save fake photos and videos in the cloud. Gone is the Photo Lock app icon, replaced by custom icons like the weather radio. Watch for application shutdown times to avoid blocking connections

Anyone who wants to invade your privacy by entering a wrong password, pattern or fingerprint. You can also theme the app, for example, auto mode to glow in the dark or change colors. Hide photos and videos, add photos, change passwords in settings.

Review media as needed. The contrast between images can be easily adjusted using the Options tab. Easily adjust the spacing between titles and images without cluttering images and graphics.

After reinstalling the app, you will not be able to do this again. Yes, you can easily transfer photos and videos in just a few simple steps. This application allows you to hide cover image and video cover image. If you forget your password, you can reset it using your email address and password

hide photo app hide video hide photo app hide video hide photo this app is like clipboard… files are hidden in clipboard no one can find your hidden files unless you close or hide the app or special file format. […] A good privacy app makes it easy to hide photos and videos from the app that you don’t want others to see.

A good privacy app can easily hide accounts on your Android device with Hide. Use Meter Lock to hide photos and videos on your Android device from apps you don’t want others to see. Keep your photos and videos safe with a passcode lock. This site allows you to save photos and videos

Locker Lock Video Calculator Photo Vault I Calculator Photo Lock Vault Press the Add button to lock the calculator. Select the middle of the protected device and click on the lock button to open the calculator lock app. The registration page is a private page that allows you to hide personal information on a private screen.

Video Cabinet While the secrets of a simple cabinet remain untold, the scientific capabilities of a video cabinet keep your equipment safely hidden. The screen will show how to unlock the password

Hide photo and hide app allows you to hide video and hide media in one tap. Don’t worry about your profile, especially the part of your account that contains hidden videos that will go viral on the site and annoy your friends. Protect your data Create multiple separate folders with different passwords Create groups to prevent others from accessing your videos. To save a video, save video.

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