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Connect with people and connect directly with people through video chat. Vdeo alls LiU is a video chat that helps people to communicate by interacting with each other to create an interesting and useful online experience. LvU offers phone calls, video comparisons, and SMS that allow users to switch connections with their friends.

Watch videos, slide the screen and connect in seconds, choose the people in your area and the people you want to meet. Help users connect with friends, send instant messages or call 1deo anytime.


You can call your friends or other users online. You can send a gift to someone or enjoy some fun stuff. If it is not a real time version, do not worry. Speak your friend’s language. Translate your conversations instantly so you can easily enjoy and meet friends anywhere in the world.

Video filters and beauty products, beautiful stickers, standard video recording software will make your conversation more interesting. Unlimited SMS Chat Make LiU friends with everyone you meet, send unlimited SMS and contact Vieo Hu.


Users and personal information – First and foremost, LiU provides a high level of security to ensure the safety and health of all people. Record video and audio calls.

Help protect the community by following our community guidelines. If you see someone doing something wrong, let us know and we will fix it. Should always visit the Ministry of Defense here. Can we meet?


Your information is important to us. Tell us how to make LivU better. Want to know more about us? You may need account assistance. If it can be printed, why not write it? CQ provides information in the world of articles.

See what someone has written about you and share the answer. Use it when you are slow or looking for simple answers. Thanks for reading what I have not yet heard. Q program turns sound into action. You lost your ear on the subway. Read and sign up, create group chats with friends and make life easier with Boss Messenger.


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